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Best Lawyer WordPress theme with WCAG 2.0 and 508 and ADA compliance.

Best lawyer WordPress theme with WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliance. The quick review.

Take a look at the quick review of the most important features the best WordPress theme for lawyers websites. It's quite simple WordPress theme but it includes all that you need for creating a WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliant website for a legal agency.

Download lawyer WordPress theme

WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliant website

Creating a simple website for lawyers is not enough? Do you need to make it WCAG 2.0 compliant? With this lawyer WordPress theme, you may quickly get the website accessibility and create an accessible website for your potential customers. Besides adjusting the theme code to WCAG 2.0 standards it will also give you the fantastic accessible features helpful to browse the website for people with disabilities.

In the theme options, you can find WCAG section where you can enable nice accessible friendly options like high contrast, night version, wide layout and font sizer etc. These switches are very helpful if you want to improve web content accessibility.

What should be the main features of the accessible website?

Main menu options and logo section

In this section, you can display logo and menu. Visibility of the main menu depends on switches in theme options in Main Menu group. On the demo site, there is the additional vertical menu enabled and it's visible when we are on the top of the page.

If we will scroll the page down and the vertical main menu disappears and the main menu jumps in the top area.  

Background image in the header

You can set different background images for every section in this premium WordPress theme as well as background color, background image, and options for it.

This is how the setting for it looks at the WordPress theme backend.


Flexibility in displaying legal services

You will love this ready-made flexible widget which is called PE Best Features. It gives the possibility to add many items with title, text, optionally URL and image or Font Awesome icon. This widget is fully responsive and all item are adjusted mobile devices views.

Flexibility in displaying services

You can also add the image for the whole widget and change layout, ex. image - text - text, text - text - image etc. Take a look at the wealth of possibilities on the short video:

Counter shortcode for responsive WordPress theme

There is a shortcode counter displayed using shortcode row and col (to show 4 counters). It's a nice way to show our customers our statistics.

The great thing about shortcodes is the way of working with shortcode generator using drag & drop. Watch the short video about this awesome feature.

Quick contact form

On the demo site of this lawyer WordPress theme, you may see PE Contact area that is the very flexible ready-made widget of a contact form. You can change: a number of columns, email recipient, sender's name, subject, "thanks message" etc. You can see also a few variations here.

Contact info at the bottom of the page

There are PE Best Features widgets again, already described above. Now we have set them to show icon from the left side.

The third widget is PE Social - you can set there social icons with links - each of them with a title, URL, and Font Awesome icon. Take a look how simple is to create the unlimited number of social media icons with this useful WordPress widget.

WordPress theme copyright

There are only 2 elements: Pixelemu copyright text and your own copyright text. You can enable/disable them and change your own copyright text.

Download lawyer WordPress theme

WCAG, Section508, accessibility ready, ADA compliance

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