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WordPress Basics Documentation

What is a pingback and trackback in WordPress?

What is pingback in WordPress?

Pingback is a Wordpress feature that informs you that someone has added a link to your post. Please note that this exchange of information can be done only between systems that support it, for example, two installations of Wordpress.

What is trackback in WordPress?

Trackback is an "old version" of pingback. It was created to exchange information between blogs. This "feature" can be helpful only to cooperate with old blogs. Trackbacks can be sent only manually, on edit post view.

What is a pingback and trackback in WordPress?

How do pingbacks work?

If I add a link to your post, you will receive information about it. It could be information in WordPress backend or email message.

If you decide to display pingbacks, you will see them below the last comment in your post. It will be a simple link to a website where a link was submitted.

Pingbacks and comments alternate so there can be a mess on frontend if you decide to show them on the frontend.

Pingbacks and trackbacks differences

  • pingbacks are sending automatically, trackbacks only manually
  • pingbacks don't send any content, just links; trackbacks also send post's excerpt

How to disable pingbacks and trackbacks support

Navigate to Settings -> Discussion Settings to get options related to pingbacks and trackbacks.

How to disable pingbacks and trackbacks

The first option determines if you will receive notification about adding a link to your post by someone.

The second option determines if your blog sends a notification to an author of the post that you have linked on your website. By enabling this option, you can pay attention of posts' author.

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