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Eco Energy - the new WordPress theme is ready to download. Meet the hot new release!

Eco Energy - the new WordPress theme is ready to download. Meet the hot new release!

We are happy to announce that the new WordPress theme just has been released and it's awesome!

In this article,  we are going to give you an overall view of Eco Energy WordPress theme and point some features to focus your attention on. A great portion of information about this WordPress theme you will find in the product description with a buy now option.

Eco energy WordPress theme demo site

At first, take a look at the demo site of this multipurpose WordPress theme. It's addressed for eco energy company but as you know you may use it for different kinds of business websites. Buying this beautiful WordPress theme (as well as any other one at pixelemu) you will get the demo copy, so if you build your website from scratch it's the good option to start by installing the demo copy (we can do it for you for free) and then replace the sample data with yours.

The demo site is optimized for WCAG and ADA recommendations, which is significant info for customers looking for such features.

Menu elements

The top bar menu structure guides people to what they want to find and what you want them to find. The navigation system should act as a road map to all the website’s different areas, and it works this way on our demo example.

The menu is divided into essential elements:

  • Home
    Includes ready-made widgets that you may use or deactivate at the website backend. You may of course other ready-made widgets and assign them to the front page or any area of the site. This is just an example of usage.

  • Pages 
    Don't miss to check all the links from submenus. They include many views for a blog, post, pages, and information about the WordPress theme options, ready-made widgets, shortcodes, etc.

  • Gallery
    Find out several examples of mini-galleries you may create on your website.

  • Contact
    It's a page strictly related to your settings in the WordPress theme options.

Mentioned elements (except “home”) have many sub-pages because the site has an advanced structure. In this way, you will reach the most important places on the site, quickly and without the unnecessary search. Menu elements can direct to the specific website’s sections but can also be linkable and direct to other websites if required.

Accessibility adjustments

wcag wordpress theme options

Eco energy WordPress theme is created in the mind of WCAG recommendations. Besides the accessibility tools (see in the right top corner on the demo site) you may manage many WCAG settings available at the WordPress theme options.

That is not all, basing on the W3C practices document we've applied WAI-ARIA roles, states, and properties and implementing keyboard support for each website element.

For those who need to check website accessibility we recommend doing it with the most popular tools and (we used them to test the theme).

Slider in the header

slider wordpress theme

By displaying an attractive slider on the front page, you can seamlessly grab the attention of your visitors and bring a considerable positive change in your conversion rate.

An eye-catching slider brings many advantages to your website, remember that generally people are rather more keen to look at images than reading long content, and a slider can help you obtain this goal.

We have implemented a few high-quality images to watch. This is Revolution Slider so it has tons of settings, however, we displayed slides with a name, description, and read more button.

Services displayed with tabs

Services displayed with tabs

This section is a place for a detailed description of the services. It is crucial to present the most essential and often detailed information most transparently and legibly possible.

For this purpose, we have used PE Panels widgetThe widget can display pages or posts. You can select which of them will be showing off and in what order. There are many options to choose from, including content limit, read more button, article thumbnail, subtitle, date, and much more. The main view can be "Tabbed" or "Collapsed (accordion).” You may control the unlimited number of panels and their ordering. 

Why us?

why us wordpress theme

"Why us" section is displayed strongly using the Image and PE Best Features widget. We have added the big image on the left, focused on the WordPress theme's subject.

Best Features used in the right is a simple widget that allows the icons to be shown with their names and descriptions. You can choose between a few available styles, layouts and display this section in a whole different way. We have arranged this widget with a special place below icons for text description with information about why our company is worth attention.

Testimonials section

testimonials section wordpress theme

“They say” section is the place for testimonials. Businesses or companies must display customer testimonials on their websites. For sure, it’s a good idea to show off the beautiful customer testimonial page. The example used on the Eco Energy WordPress theme demo site should provide you with plenty of inspiration.

We've used the PE Testimonial Carousel widget here, allowing you to display your collection of testimonials (from the testimonials section at the backend) in the way you want. Each single testimonial item can contain the content, avatar image, and the name of the author.

With the widget, you can set the number of testimonials, set the opinion word limit, and decide whether you want to use the autoplay feature. 

The second widget implemented for this section is PE Easy Slider plugin displaying companies logos. This widget comes with many options to configure, including title, images source, number of items in a row, number of rows, pause on hover, and much more.

Resources carousel

resources carousel wordpress theme

A resources section can contain important information about your company, products, or services. Our example of this section has a simple and transparent appearance and scale. It includes a text content and a PE Image Carousel (built-in widget) attractively displaying the images that can contain a link.

This widget has few useful configuration options, including the possibility to show/hide indicators, show/hide prev/next buttons, use the loop carousel, use the scroll wheel, and choose three different styles.

Friendly contact form

friendly contact form wordpress theme

The front-page bottom is the place purposed for contact us section, using a PE Contact widget that gives you a possibility to display a few more elements. In addition to standard fields such as name, email, or message content, you can include fields such as an agreement to terms and conditions, captcha field, or Google Map.

Besides that, on the left side, there is a place for an image. It can be easily changed to any other image or configured in the “Widgets” section in the website’s backend. 

We hope that after reading the above advantages of the Eco Energy WordPress theme, you will no longer look for other WordPress solutions, but you will choose PixelEmu's product.


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