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impressive portfolio WordPress theme

Build an impressive portfolio website with Maldives WordPress theme.

Let’s focus on some crucial tips for creating a portfolio website of a modern creative company. The website is intended to present and sell the skills and knowledge your team can offer to your customers. People often judge a website by its cover and it’s crucial to have a good-looking website that will attract many visitors. Nowadays the task of building a good-looking and also a functional site offering great user experience is almost a duty.

It has become more important in recent years due to the rise of mobile devices. The one page portfolio website has become very popular and is a great solution for a creative agency. With Maldives one page portfolio WordPress theme you may build the excellent effective site your company.

What are main elements that every creative company website should include? Check the list below from the Maldives portfolio WordPress theme.

Portfolio section for creative agency WordPress theme

Having a good portfolio website is essential!

The portfolio is the website’s section responsible for showing off what have you done for your customers. If you have a professional company website it is required to showcase your work and allow people to contact you. A portfolio section is all about promoting your brand. Only a few people will use your services unless you show what you did before. Show only your best work and do not forget that people will judge you based on what they see in your portfolio gallery. If you have more to show off you can divide your projects into several categories. It’s nice when portfolio items include an eye-catching image or gallery of images. The example below shows posts of projects displayed with ready made widget created for this creative WordPress theme.

See Maldives Theme

portfolio wordpress theme maldives

About us section in WordPress theme

It's one of the most important elements of a professional company's website.

You need to do present your company's unique identity and then share it with the world. You can be sure that visitors pay a much attention to “about us” section. Prepare an attractive introduction about your company. Write a comprehensive description including several facts from the company's history, current state, a scope of opportunities. Future customers want to learn about your company and the services you offer, which can mean the potential loss or gain of a money. Each item may be edited and modified in this ready-made widget for about us section.

about us section in wordpress theme

Testimonials for WordPress theme 

Your company’s website visitors want to see secure, verified reviews from your customers. If you want to win a visitors you need to make it happen that he believes that reviews included at your website are real. Remember that even a bad review or a critique can be helpful - you can improve your services and show your customers that your company develops and you want to listen to the feedback. Testimonials should be presented in a clear way. They should include a review along with the name of the reviewer.

Testimonials section can be also used to showcase your partners or display your certificates that you are proud of. The most popular way is to display a list of logos of partner companies that you collaborate with. 

With this beautiful WordPress theme, you may create testimonials posts and display them with ready-made slider widget.

portfolio wordpress theme testimonials

Services of the company

Services section is crucial if you are running a company website. You should include details about what you do. Provide complete information to allow your visitors see services you offer. Each item should include a specific and substantive description. Well if it is enriched with some graphic or icon. Your front page offer presentation should focus on services you recommend most or on popular products for your customers. Allow your visitors to see the range of your possibilities and create sub-pages for each service to cover a full description and a list of features. 

With the widget below you will display unlimited items linked to the full WordPress post with the full service's description.

portfolio wordpress theme services

Work Process of a company

Each company has an own, unique work process. The work process is the way how companies approach their work, design a product or a service. This process involves a mix of people, used tools, materials, improvements and much more. Your company’s work process is your power and you need to attract people who can take advantage of your offer. It is important to reach as many people as possible and show them what you do, how you do it, and why your way is the best and the right one. Of course, the way of showing this should be attractive - it should contain logical continuity, description, and pictures.

The widget you see below may display unlimited posts from the specified category.

portfolio wordpress theme work process

Our team

Showing your team can be really beneficial! Why? First of all, it allows website’s visitors to start an emotional relationship with your company. It builds trust when people can see who they are writing and working with. “Our team” section should include a list of employees along with a picture and bio. Presenting photos of people working at your company helps in making your business more personable! "About Us" pages often don't even have any list, some include names only. You need to remember that your clients feel more comfortable knowing that they are working with a real person. Having an expanded "About Us" page increases your conversion rate!

Create your company team members profiles with posts (profile details are optional)  and then display them with the awesome widget.

portfolio wordpress theme team


A news section on the company website is a common view. Why keeping the news section is important? A news section is a place to add the latest information about your company. You can tell the world about latest updates, new products, services, discounts or anything you want and strictly is related to the website. The news section can be easily transformed to a blog. The blog is something different from news. It’s often used to present posts promoting products/ services, describing them, or showing off anything that could improve your position in the search engines. It is recommended to present posts containing images. The modern and professional company need to include the news/blog section at their website.

The news section is created with free recent posts WordPress plugin created by PixelEmu.

portfolio wordpress theme news

Contact details

Every business or company website should include contact information. This can be just an email address, phone number, address, social accounts, but it’s good when it includes everything mentioned above. People always feel more comfortable if they have more ways to contact you.

It’s always a right decision to include a contact from because it makes life easier for people to send a direct message, no matter where they currently are and what kind of device they currently use. Another popular and useful solution is to include a map so your customers will know how to find your company.

See Maldives Theme

We’ve just listed elements that are essential for a solid company. If you run a creative agency and want to have a site with a modern and inspiring look you should consider using a one-page WordPress company theme which contains the required sections and will allow you to quickly and efficiently create the website from your dreams. Of course, you can always go easy, simplify everything, launch a minimalist website presenting a basic contact info and nothing else. The choice is yours ;)

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