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Municipality & city portal WordPress theme with WCAG compliance.

Public Institutions is the another WordPress theme with WCAG compliance. More and more countries require and determine rules by law to create websites that follow WCAG recommendations for adjusting the website content for people with visual disabilities. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a collection of documents that establish principles of availability including three levels of criteria (A, AA, AAA) that can, should or must be fulfilled.

That's why it's very important to analyze WCAG documents before building the website for public institutions like a municipality, city portals, police departments, hospitals and many other institutions that are obliged to implement user-friendly accessibility options on their websites. Besides WCAG requirements that relate to the perception, user interface functionality, and intelligibility or website content reliability it's necessary to include to the website "must be" options like several high contrast modes, a keyboard navigation, a font size selector, and a layout switcher or optionally the night mode.

How to follow WCAG recommendations for making web content more accessible in WordPress theme.

We use the most popular tools for testing WCAG validation of the site: and

Check features of WCAG options in the WordPress theme.

City WordPress theme

 city wordpress theme

This is one of two examples of Public Institutions theme for WordPress. The city WordPress theme version presents the activities from the city dividing the front page into several significant sections. 

At the very top you will find previously mentioned options for visually impaired website visitors then we have the city logo and the menu (Max Mega Menu). The next section is managed by the slider (Revolution Slider is given for free with this theme). Note that the slider does not use any auto animations and looks very clear without additional styling - it's one of the requirements to pass WCAG validation.

Then we have a separate section for the big search form, and next, we go to popular resources custom widget created with a shortcode, the latest news (PE Recent Posts)  and upcoming city events (Event Calendar). 

The another area Tasks of the commune is created with PE Easy Slider  free widget that displays intro images of posts. The same widget is used for Award and memberships section. 

At next widgets positions, you will find the counter created with the ready made shortcode, Interesting Tutorials displayed with PE Panels plugin and ready made contact widget.

You need to know that all widgets you see on the front page are assigned to specific layout positions which mean that the theme layout is flexible and may be arranged in many other ways to suit your needs. Moreover,  there is a possibility to use 12 columns bootstrap grid classes to divide layout positions into more columns.  

Use bootstrap grid classes with WordPress theme.

Check all available widgets positions in public institutions theme.

WordPress theme for Police department

police wordpress theme

The police department WordPress theme version is the other example of the same theme but different layout arrangement, colors, fonts and widgets configuration. For instance, the widget below is PE Panels plugin and displays the shortcode placed in the Most wanted page.

tabs for wordpress

The same plugin is used for the city portal version for displaying accordion with posts

accordion for wordpress theme

Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress website

This WordPress theme is compatible with AMP plugin that supports to generate AMP pages for WordPress sites. 

amp theme for wordpress

Take a look at AMP examples for both demo sites: 

WordPress theme functionality

We strongly suggest taking a closer look at technical details of this WCAG WordPress theme since there are tons of user-friendly and handy features that you will find very helpful while configuring your site and then managing. All functionality details are listed in the clear table, and this way you have all useful info gathered in one place. If you would like to ask any question about this or any other WordPress theme feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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