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TerraClassifieds WordPress classifieds plugin updated to ver. 1.6. Check what changed.

TerraClassifieds WordPress classifieds plugin updated to ver. 1.6. Check what changed.

We are happy to announce that we have updated Terraclassifieds to version 1.6. You will find a few new features and bug fixes.

New features in TerraClassifieds ver. 1.6

  • Added an option to select multiple types for each classified ad while submitting. As a result, now you can filter ads in a search form choosing several types.

    This is an example of how it looks for a search form.

    And on the submission ad page, there is, of course, the possibility to choose multiple types for one ad.

    multi types adding page

    TUTORIAL: How to configure ad types?

  • Added option to disable location hierarchical list. Disabling a hierarchical location list can be useful (quicker) when you have a lot of nested locations and as a result, searching for an add may take much more precious seconds while loading search results. The option works for "list" - location field type available for ads search form.

    TUTORIAL: How to configure locations?

  • A simple input box for a location has been improved to an input box with the AJAX search feature. Now the website visitor may search for a location by entering its name, after entering a minimum of 3 characters locations suggestions suited to the phrase will appear on the list.
    Once you enter a phrase that does not suit any location, the info "Can't find the location" appears below the input box, so the user may try typing without a need of clicking the search button to see empty results.

    locations ajax

  • Added option to choose advert status after submitting it by a user. Till now, all added ads had to be verified by a website administrator (Pending option) but now you can set to publish classifieds without administrator review (Published option). 
    Once you decide to change the default status on your running website, remember to modify email templates settings and default info sent on a user email.

    TUTORIAL: Where to change the default ads status after submitting? 

  • The added meta description for a single ad (content is taken from the classified description) and classified category (content is taken from category description). A very useful option for SEO - you don't need to add custom meta description for each classified using some 3rd party plugins.
  • Added field 'Meta description text limit' in Settings->SEO for changing meta description length. You can change this value if Google will prefer longer or shorter meta description in the future.

    TUTORIAL: How to configure SEO settings?

Bug fixes

  • Fixed logging to the WP dashboard, if it's link, is located in the frontend menu. There was the wrong URL generated in this situation that makes login impossible.
  • Fixed JS conflict with Revolution Slider.
  • Fixed not working layout override for child themes - changed get_template_directory() to get_stylesheet_directory() for getting correct PHP files.
  • Fixed PHP error Call to undefined function is_plugin_active().
  • Fixed PHP notices related to the message about the recommended theme - PE Terraclassic. This message is visible only when you don't use the PE Terraclassic theme.
  • Fixed PHP notices when no location is selected.
  • Fixed not sending email notifications when Reply-to e-mail address in section Email templates field is empty - admin email is used instead.
  • Fixed missing action Move to trash and button Trash in the Wordpress dashboard - issue related to the unnecessary user capabilities
  • Fixed problem with not expired ads and missing notifications about expired ads (wrong WP-CRON activation/deactivation method).
    This problem was related to WP Cron - CRON jobs will be executed even we deactivate a plugin so we need to activate/deactivate CRON jobs when the plugin is activated and deactivated.
    This problem was not visible if someone used the quickstart package because this installation had already CRON jobs included in the database.
  • Fixed PHP error related to breadcrumbs in the advert view when the ad was created in the backend without assigning a category.
  • Fixed PHP errors related to GDPR checkboxes when single.php is overridden in the theme - there were wrong paths to files responsible for GDPR checkboxes.
  • Fixed missing default avatar image when single.php is overridden in the theme.

Other issues

  • CMB2 updated to version 2.6.0 - earlier there was used the older version with core modification. Now it is an original version.
  • Changed text for not logged in users in Your adverts view - now this text explains it better.
  • Removed unnecessary tab 'Status' in Settings - there was the only one link to a tutorial about updating plugin, it's not necessary since Terraclassifieds is available from and you can update it in the WP dashboard.
  • The option Items per page in a Category view tab works now also in a search view. Before this change, the search classifieds view used setting Blog pages show at most from Settings -> Reading.
  • Fixed styling issues in the author's view when user details are missing - the user's avatar was overlapping it's outer. 
  • Added possibility to translate adverts statuses for email notifications.
  • Shortcode [advert_title_link] for Email templates works now only if Ad status is set to publish to not generate wrong URLs - links led to classifieds with status Pending so error 404 was shown.
  • Fixed display issues for category and location in the Add advert view when CMB2 is active as a separate plugin. Earlier in this situation category and location selection were messed up - missing images for categories and missing bullets for locations.
  • Tested up to WP 5.3

Updated plugin

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