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What to do next with a popular website

Your site is popular: what to do next?

WordPress is a powerful technology, but even the most responsive and beautiful website is not enough. In this age of mobile accessibility, users want to access content through their smartphones and tablets. There are two ways to turn your site into an app. Which path should you take?

A dedicated app is sure to increase your reach and attract new visitors. An obvious way is to use outsourcing software development services, which means the job is delegated to professionals for turnkey solutions. A sleek professional-looking app is a must for any business. Experts can create a masterpiece from scratch, based on your audience’s needs and behavior patterns.

Outsourcing software development services

A cheaper way

Surely, professional software development can guarantee high quality and first-class results. But what if you cannot afford such a project yet? There are ways to turn your WordPress site into an app. You can still have your title mentioned in app stores, so more traffic is generated naturally. This is an intermediate step before large-scale development can be started. And it is all about plugins.

  • Mobiloud

A premium addition, it creates an app for both iOS and Android OS. The technology will also keep your apps updated based on any changes on the site. The plugin allows you to test its functionality before buying, and it is also worth checking existing apps created through it.

  • AppPresser

As the name suggests, this tool turns a WordPress site into a compact app. You get a solution that may be adjusted following your needs. This premium tool is not free, but you can find an affordable plan.

  • Mobapper

This plugin is more powerful in terms of compatibility. Your site can become an app for iOS, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry. You can be sure all content will stay fully readable on mobile devices. It may also be managed.

  • IdeaPress

Here, you are free to choose which pages and categories to reflect in the app. It is possible to select different content for platforms. Another benefit is dynamic updating. Both iOS and Android are covered, along with Windows Phone.

Mobile Apps list

A superior solution

Few webmasters are capable of sophisticated coding, let alone creating apps from scratch. A team of developers will take you through all the necessary stages from initial research to final deployment in the app store. Here is what a typical process includes:

  1. Wireframing
  2. Assessment
  3. Prototype
  4. Design
  5. Development
  6. Testing
  7. Deployment

Naturally, the functionality of any plugin is fairly limited. An app crafted this way can be visually attractive and functional. However, it will still pale in comparison with state-of-the-art software products. Hence, if you are serious about going mobile, consider expert assistance.

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