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How Google's SSL certificate 2019 update affects your site

Digital technology has changed the way everything is done. From shopping to banking and even taking a professional course, you can use the internet for many things. However, it is without a doubt that the same web is a dangerous place, especially if you encounter hackers. For that reason, genuine websites are using SSL certificates to provide safety for their visitors.

It is, however, good to know that other than SSL certificates, as a person who accesses the internet and uses services like banking, you need to take extra precautions. The amount of money lost to hackers annually is in millions of dollars, and you don't want to contribute to this.

What is SSL?

SSL is the abbreviation for Security Socket Layer. This is a security protocol that encrypts data shared online. The system works by offering a secure connection between a browser and a server so that an attacker cannot intercept information being transferred.

Typically, hackers gain access to people's personal information by waiting for them to share it carelessly online. An SSL certificate creates a secure tunnel for personal details during logins so that they don't fall into the wrong hands. SSL certificates protect you from;

  • Getting stalked by hackers
  • Sharing your personal information with malicious people
  • Sharing accounts with hackers
  • Installing malware to your computer
  • Allowing hackers to access your bank account
  • Hackers who use phishing to steal people's information

Millions of online transactions have been secured with SSL and to be on the safe side, always consider using sites that have this security protocol. Usually, a website with SSL has its domain address starting with HTTPS: where S signifies that a website is secured with an SSL certificate.

SSL and search engines like Google:

Being one of the most popular search engines, in the world, Google has a big responsibility for ensuring that users are safe. Because SSL can detect sites that contain malware, google needs such tip-offs to identify the threatening website and to remove them from search results by banning them.

It's also safe to say that Google is keen on security to the extent blacklisting new sites that don't follow the right protocol. For example, new e-commerce websites are fond of using forms or tables that require personal information of the customer.
The bad thing is, most of these sites are unique and lack resources for purchasing SSL certificates. On the contrary, some website owners have no idea about the importance of SSL certificates.

When visiting such websites, you will always receive warnings about the site not being secure and that you may be under threat of getting hacked. Know that unprotected websites not only make it easy for hackers to intercept your data, but it also enables them to send malware to your device. This can lead to data loss or permanent damage to your device.

Google does its best to ensure that users get the best experience when using their platforms. Other than using SSL to identify and blacklist websites that pose a threat, Google updates are also here to improve user experience and enhance security.

You can find SSL certificates from various vendors online like Global Sign, RapidSSL, Thawte, Comodo. If you think about higher validation than initial validation, then GlobalSign Organization SSL is one of the most exceptional SSL certificates suitable for companies and businesses who want to establish their identity over the web.

About Google updates, and its benefits:

When your google device updates, it means that new changes are being implemented that will affect site ranking. In other words, google updates are the new regulations that search engines use to produce search results. Since search engines use algorithms to locate sites with the relevant keywords, these algorithms don't stay the same for too long. That can be explained by new data and even websites that make it into the World Wide Web.

Through Google updates, a website that doesn't adhere to the rules of search engine optimization gets blacklisted. These include activities like spamming and duplicating content.

There is also the misuse of keywords, also known as keyword stuffing. Some web owners overuse keywords in their articles for SEO. The effect of this is, it will lead more people to the site while such websites rarely have the right kind of content being sought.

Any business that engaged SEO services must ensure that they follow the right optimization rules at all costs. It is also essential to update your site with fresh, optimized articles regularly. That is because, during updates, the search algorithm also gets updated, and generally this alters the way they respond to queries on the search engine. Because search engine crawlers are all about scanning web content, these updates are also capable of identifying unsafe websites.

What does it take to secure your business and customers?

Now that you understand how SSL works, you need to get one more so if you own an e-commerce website. It is also advisable to provide your customers with tips for securing their devices so that they don't end up sharing personal information with hackers. Let them know the facts about hacking like why they should not do any transaction when connected to public Wi-Fi.

You can also advise your customers not to keep the same password for a long time. Using the same password for too long can be compared to using the same car for years. The more you use the vehicle and people see you in it, the more the number of people who will recognize you as the owner — even those who don't know you personally. When a hacker gains access to your password, he can use your identity to commit more crimes online.

Protecting your business and customers as they transact online should be contributed by both sides. Install the correct security protocols and keep track of google updates to avoid your website being blacklisted. Your customers, on the other hand, should be enlightened about cybersecurity.


Making money is hard that no one is happy making losses to lazy hackers who want to take advantage of hard-working people. That is why it is the responsibility of the general public, including entrepreneurs and customers, to ensure that they avoid these unscrupulous people.

Google is playing a significant role in keeping everyone safe online, and according to reports, over 10,000 illegal websites are brought down each day by Google. Keep in mind that if you are running a new website operating an e-commerce business, you must be extra keen on the rules of engagement in case you get blacklisted for not offering the right protection for your customers.

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