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Best blogs WordPress related.

Best blogs WordPress related. Check them out.

If you don’t already know the WordPress is a very popular and easy to manage content management system. You can quickly learn how to work in the admin area, how to submit content etc. But of course, as most probably guess it’s not everything.

WordPress itself is very extensive, and although the basic knowledge allows its service, it is worth to learn more and develop skills. To deal with this, it is advisable to read blogs related to WordPress.

WordPress blogs are a great resource for useful tutorials, tips on how to use and improve WordPress website. You can find their videos, plugins, themes, and more. As a blog reader for years, I can recommend it to any user - no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. I think it’s an excellent way to get the latest information that can be very important and useful.

I have prepared a summary of WordPress blogs that are currently active and cover a big range of topics.

WP Tavern

WP Tavern is one of the best WordPress news blogs available online. They include theme list articles, inside look at plugins, interviews, and much more. All articles are written by WordPress veterans.

WP Lift

WP Lift is a blog site updated daily with guides, useful tools, plugin & theme reviews, and news roundups. Users can also find a large coupon directory there.

WP Newsify Daily News About WordPress

It’s a website about practical WordPress development. The author shares his thoughts on WordPress and publishes tutorials. Highly recommended.

WP Explorer

This website is focused on reviewing WordPress themes. The website is packed with many unique reviews of WordPress designs and plugins. Users can find many guides there as well.


This blog is updated a few times a week. It’s a source of many WordPress tutorials, articles, and reviews of themes and plugins.

WP Mayor

WP Mayor has been a popular blog with WordPress users since 2010. Run by WordPress developer Jean Galea, the blog publishes tutorials and reviews of plugins and themes.


WPMudev is a popular site among WordPress users because of their plugins. The blog is often updated with high-quality news, tutorials, theme & plugin reviews.

WP SuperStars

WP Superstars publishes plugin and theme reviews. Some general tips about WordPress also often appear there.


They are publishing WordPress tutorials, code snippets, theme and plugin reviews.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a very popular web page related to web development and design. They have a site section dedicated to WordPress, with high-quality articles added regularly.

WP Building Blocks

Check the latest tips, tutorials, themes, and plugins for non-technical people.

Do you know other WordPress blog to recommend? Let us know, leave the comment.

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