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15 WordPress websites of big companies. You may be surprised by some of the big names!

There are literally millions of users creating and designing their websites with WordPress, why, simply because they are at the top of their game when it comes to the world of CMS. With its open source policy, anyone can create templates, themes, and plugins to offer up to the WordPress community, and likewise, users can take advantage of these skills and implement them into their own website.

Web hosting providers, themselves, are now offering plans and packages entirely devoted to WordPress, including a domain name and 1-click installs to make the whole process simple. Finding the perfect web host for your WordPress website is easier than it ever has been before.

We’ve put together a list of the best 15 websites made with WordPress; you may be surprised by some of the big names! 

BBC America

bbc wordpress website

Can you believe that BBC America’s website has been designed and built using WordPress? Seamlessly integrating social media, catch up, and live TV, BBC America presents a great example of how WordPress can do, well, pretty much anything! There’s no doubt that this website is eye-catching, simple to navigate, and displays an easy and unique user experience.

Sony Music

sony wordpress website 

Sony Music resonates with millions of people worldwide, as does their website which has been created using WordPress. We keep surprising you, don’t we? Their landing page offers a stylish carousel featuring some of Sony Music’s great legends, such as George Michael and Whitney Houston. They’ve kept their website informative, yet simple, covering their labels, featured videos, and news, making use of WordPress’s live Twitter feed feature within the site itself. Easy navigation is present across the whole site, allowing you to launch straight back to the navigation bar without endlessly scrolling. Certainly, the neat job using WordPress!


jumo wordpress website

Jumo flawlessly displays how landing pages can be used to their advantage. Whether you code it yourself or use a WordPress theme, landing pages are now easier than ever to create. When it comes down to it, your landing page is the first thing that your website visitors will see; Jumo have presented a captivating landing page that draws your attention – you can’t fault it.

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The Rolling Stones

rolling stones wordpress website 

Another absolute classic using WordPress, The Rolling Stones have created an eye-popping landing page that draws you in from the moment you arrive. Offering a simplistic navigation, at first sight, users are able to view their latest album as well as purchasing or streaming it there and then. If you want to learn more, you can enter their main website which makes use of WordPress’s easy navigation, integrated with a store page, YouTube videos, and a blog.

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FH Studio

fh wordpress website

A popular use of WordPress is for portfolio based websites, and we think FH Studio has created an absolutely stunning example of this. Digital agencies, like FH Studio, can make use of WordPress’s portfolio templates whilst adding their own creative flair. There’s no denying that this website catches your attention from the moment you arrive on their landing page. 

Rod McLean

rodmclean wordpress website

Rod McLean makes excellent use of WordPress on his photography website. Creating a fantastic gallery on WordPress really is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and you can inject your own creative spin into it with complete ease. When it comes to photography, all you really need to be able to display in your portfolio, and we think Rod McLean’s website is definitively stunning. Go on, take a look!

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beyonce wordpress website

You probably think we’re joking with this one, right? Wrong! Beyoncé’s website is made with WordPress and appears to be a popular option for many other singers and actresses. Why? Because WordPress makes things easy! Adopting simple personal themes and turning them into your own is completely possible. Beyoncé’s parallax website flows fluidly, smoothly, and grabs your attention throughout. Exactly what you want when it comes to a personal website.

PlayStation Blog

playstation wordpress blog 

Taking us back to its roots, PlayStation’s Blog reminds us of the idea of WordPress. Initially started as a blogging platform, this blog displays exactly what you can do to create a stunning and informative blog with all the right features. From social media links to captivating imagery, PlayStation make it easy for you to subscribe to their blog – what’s more, they’ve made it look great too. The possibilities are endless!

The University of Maine

maine wordpress website

We’d hazard a guess that you didn’t expect The University of Maine to be using WordPress, did you? Some of the world’s leading education websites take advantage of WordPress’s themes and features. The University of Maine makes great use of their landing page, offering up informative content, whilst being eye-catching. Not only that, they’ve implemented a flawless navigation menu, maps, and a calendar, all of which are so easily done with WordPress. 

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The Walt Disney Company

walt disney wordpress website 

Who’d have thought that The Walt Disney Company would be using WordPress? This website offers a superior showcase of what you can do with WordPress. The Walt Disney Company makes great use of WordPress’s blog integration, along with individual pages and social media interaction. It’s simple, yet satisfying – everything you need in one place, providing you with a great user experience, leaving you feeling happy inside! 

The Walking Dead

amc wordpress website 

Home to one of AMC’s top-rated shows, The Walking Dead takes pride in using WordPress for their website. Giving you all the latest news, gossip, and inside information, The Walking Dead’s website provides everything you could need on it’s homepage. With it’s integrated search functionality, using WordPress features, you can find anything and everything you need to know about the show, as well as registering and signing in for any related updates. Guess what? There’s even a shop!


mercedes wordpress website

Another big name, another big website created with WordPress! Mercedes-Benz adopts a parallax design on their website, throwing enticing landing carousel images at their users, and offering up a search functionality from the very start. This website is a great display of what you can do with WordPress, from eCommerce to blog features, it’s got it all, and it works well.

Katy Perry

katty perry wordpress website

Whether you like her or not, there’s no denying that Katy Perry’s website made with WordPress is unforgettably beautiful. On-point with social links and a popping landing page, her clean and simple design works wonders for a great user experience. With everything you need to know about the pop princess, you can view her latest tour dates, and nab yourself some exclusive merchandise from her online shop.

This is Your Kingdom

this is your wordpress website

This is Your Kingdom is a WordPress website that pulls together simplicity, creativity, and functionality, all in one place. The concept is great and gives their users the option to submit guest blogs, comments, and provide regular updates to entice their visitors to keep coming back for more. As we mentioned, WordPress started as a blogging platform, and this website shows exactly how you can create a stunning website, whilst integrating all the great features of a blog, all in one place.

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Work by Simon

work by simon wordpress website

Work by Simon delicately combines some more advanced features of WordPress, along with the designers’ own technical skillset. The ability to create such a creative website, whilst making it mobile responsive is something that WordPress boasts, and quite rightly so! What’s more, you don’t have to be a top designer or developer to be able to integrate flawless animations into your website, as is demonstrated on this website.

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