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Helpie knowledge Base plugin for WordPress

Use Helpie knowledge Base to build a better shopping experience for WordPress.

Getting your product used by thousands of users is hard, what’s harder is providing world-class support to all of them. If you want to give them the same product experience as when you just had hundreds of users, you need a scalable support experience. You can either hire dozens of support agents and train them with your domain knowledge, or you can use your handful of best technical people and support agents to set up a fresh, living, clean and up to date product documentation that makes it even easier for your users. As you read on, you will be introduced to a new way of thinking about customer support and also to an awesome new tool to help you, Helpie WordPress Knowledge Base plugin.

Why customer support matters? 

Customer support is a part of your core user experience. If you have been thinking about it any other way, you are wrong. Did you know that 75% users leave a company if the customer support is bad? It’s easier to increase your revenue by retaining a customer rather than spending time and money on marketing. This is why customer support matters a lot.

In that regard, this is how Helpie Knowledge Base can help you,

Save money spent on customer support:

Depending on your product/service, you might get around 1 - 15 customer support tickets per user. Say if you have 1,000 users, that’s a lot of support tickets. You can hire 2 support agents and spend around $6,000 per agent ( if you are like Buffer and need technical support ). That’s a total of $12,000 / month and $144,000.

The other option you have is to get Helpie WordPress Knowledge Base to create a full-fledged Knowledge Base system for next to nothing.

Faster than support personnel:

What entrepreneurs don’t realize is that, apart from being cheaper, a good Knowledge Base system is the fastest way for users to get help. Much faster than having manned customer support. Zendesk’s Benchmark suggests that the average time for the first reply by a support agent is around 4 hours and time for issue resolution is around 20 hours from the time the customer reported the issue. This can be much improved with an intelligent Knowledge Base system like Helpie. With Helpie, your customers can just find the best answer to their queries helping them solve their issues within seconds. Over 40% of support queries are repeated by multiple customers, and for those customers, a good knowledge base is much faster and super useful.

Enhance your product experience:

Intercom revealed their insights into making a better product recently, and it’s their prerogative that all good products try to increase feature adoption to building new features. That’s so true, and that’s also somewhere that Helpie can help you. Did you know that good product documentation can increase adoption of new features and can enrich your customer’s experience of your product?

That’s right, using Helpie’s recent articles you can showcase your most recent features’ documentation anywhere on your website. And using the added/updated tags feature, you can increase features with respect to the version of your product. You can even choose which added/updated tags to show and which to hide. For example, you only want to highlight versions 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 and hide all version tags from 0.1 to 1.1. This can be done with Helpie’s tagging features.

Market better without working on marketing:

You might have experienced this yourself. Have you noticed that your most enthusiastic early adopters are people who have scoured the internet, researching on topics related to your product? These users are most likely to join the ranks of your product’s evangelists. But how can you make sure you convert them first? That’s exactly what a complete knowledge base can do for you.

So here’s how it goes, you create a complete knowledge base with strong domain content with domain keywords in it and your future evangelists will find you, use your product and spread the word like crazy.

All good, but what makes Helpie the best Knowledge Base WordPress plugin out there?

Frontend Editing:

Helpie makes it super easy for you to collaborate on writing product documentation using a simple to use frontend editor. The feature at its current stage is super useful, but it’s going to get even better with the new UX improvements and revisioning system that’s coming soon. 

Automatic Table of Contents:

Helpie comes with an inbuilt table of contents feature that converts your title tags ( H1, H2, H3, etc. ) into jump-to links in the table of contents section. This means you just type in your content as usual and your users get to navigate through your docs pretty much effortlessly.

The table of contents has more powerful features ability to navigate the full knowledge base, category limits, category toggle, etc.


Search is the core feature to help your users find the right help fast. A power search can do wonders for your user’s experience in your knowledge base. That’s why Helpie has a powerful search with live ajax suggestions, content prioritization algorithm that returns the correct results based on the location of the keyword in the content and also the frequency of the keyword in the content.

The search is also incredibly fast; it can search through thousands of articles inside a second.

User Access Control:

Helpie comes with the ability to let you choose how you want to restrict access to your content. You can use Helpie to run a private knowledge base only for your paying customers. You can even restrict access to different categories to different customers.

There’s also a password protection feature using which you can create a password for single or multiple categories. You can even create multiple passwords like that and give to multiple users/user groups. This is especially useful for personal coaches.

Branding and Template Customisations:

Your Knowledge Base should reflect your brand and be consistently styled. This is why Helpie has a super simple and easy way to brand your Knowledge Base pages. Some of the ways to brand your knowledge base include customizing your hero section, options to choose from multiple category listing and so much more.

There are other important features including basic layout structure options for all the Knowledge Base pages.


Helpie is designed from head to toe to help you improve your customer support. That’s why it has an Insights engine to help you get the best insights to improve your self-help articles. Helpie’s Insights shows you the most searched terms, more liked/disliked articles, the overall user happiness score, your most happy/unhappy customers and the articles with most pageviews.

Article Feedback:

Helpie has a voting system and comments option to get feedback from your customers. The voting system has 2 templates which are classic voting and emo-voting.There are a lot more that Helpie can do under the hood. You can try Helpie demo now.

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