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How to monetize website?

How to monetize website? +10 hints to earn money from a website.

We are in the age where technology is at its prime, and everything has become so simplified and easy to access and use. If you have a business website which gets a good amount of traffic you can turn it into a revenue-generating tool. But the competition is fierce, and you need to use effective ways to monetize your website and capitalize on your website recognition to generate good profits.

You need to start working from the ground up and invest some good time using a mix of strategies to successfully monetize your website. There are several strategies for this, and listed here are some of the best ones you can use.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular and quickest ways to mint money from your website. All you need to do is recommend a product. Post a review of a product that you would like to endorse and promote it to your subscribers and website visitors. If people end up buying the product through your affiliate link, you get a cut of the profit. Sometimes, you can also get yourself the product for free.

Google AdSense

One of the simpler and hassle-free ways to monetize your website. AdSense is an advertising platform by Google, which displays ads relevant to your website. For example, if your website is about travel, it shows ads from travel agencies or airlines. You do not have to deal with advertisers or even raise invoices for payment. All you need to do is place the HTML code for the ad on your website. Google will take care of everything else, and you get the check or a direct bank deposit for the number of clicks the ad gets from your website.

Generate Leads for Other Companies

If your website has good traffic, then similar business would also be interested if some of your visitors are routed to their website. Let’s say your website is about music production, then online businesses selling guitars or the similar kind could benefit from some of your visitors. You are playing a matchmaker here, connecting people interested in music to a store that sells guitars. The other website will pay you for having introduced potential buyers.

Sell Ad Space

If your website is getting a decent amount of traffic, other businesses would love to buy an ad space on your site where they can advertise their products or services. Remember, they will be interested only if your website is getting a good number of visitors not if your site is brand new. Other business could easily use this ad space to get potential leads. Moreover, it is a lower cost for them buy your ad space than approach Google. They make use of the traffic on your website to advertise themselves, and in turn, you get paid for selling your ad space.

Sponsored Posts

Many companies are looking for websites that will feature their sponsored content be it posts, blogs or reviews when your website belongs to the same niche. You too can post reviews about products of the other company, and it is a win-win for both of you. They get promoted, and you get paid. Companies prefer this kind of advertising because it was seen by visitors as more authentic than traditional advertising.

Build an Email List

Your email list consists of your most loyal followers. The strategy behind converting visitors into followers is good content. Once you have good content, you will have loyal followers who would love to join your email list of subscribers to stay updated with your upcoming work. Although it’s a long-term strategy, it does work well and can turn your website into a fully-fledged money making tool.

Convert it into an E-Commerce Site

Not all websites have to be about content. You can also monetize a website by turning it into a platform selling products or services. That is probably the easiest way to monetize your site. However, what you need to remember here is that there are several other businesses that follow this very strategy of building an online store. So, if you have to get ahead of your competition, you need to give your visitors something unique and have a good marketing strategy.

Sell Your Own Digital Product

If you have your product, your website is the best place to sell it. It cuts down on the middlemen, which reduces its cost and a low-cost product attracts customers easily because they are no hidden costs. However, selling your product involves several logistics like integrating payment gateways and managing the supply chain. If you have a good product and are ready to work hard, this can be a good business.

Website Flipping

If your website has good engagement, then it can sell like hot cakes. You can sell it quickly to someone and make a good margin out of it. There is always a demand for a website which is well established and already has a good following. It can be very useful for businesses because it gives them a readymade customer base. If your website fits the bill, flipping your site can be quite lucrative.

Other Ways for Monetizing a Website

Apart from these methods, there are several other ways you can monetize your website like selling text-link ads, setting up info-links, using monetization widgets, setting up RSS feed ads, giving away premium content for extra money, starting a private forum or coaching classes or being a consultant, creating a job board, selling or renting internal pages, displaying pop-up ads, using content lockers, hosting paid webinars, creating a membership site, offering coupons, offering writing gigs or creating a paid directory.

Before you delve into these methods, you need to understand, when you are associating with another website, they quantify your traffic because that will help them understand if and what kind of advertising will work for them. Every website has a very specific demographic in its visitors. Hence, there are different methods of monetization, and you should choose what works best for you. Put some research into all these techniques and narrow it down to the one or a combination of ways that serve you best. You may also want to follow what others in your niche are doing – that is a very easy way to get started. The good idea is to experiment several techniques and then stick to the one that gave you the best results. As the website grows, you can implement complex systems as well to generate returns from your website.


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