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DJ-Accessibility with the possibility to use local or web fonts

Here it is! The long awaited DJ-Accessibility plugin version 1.04 has been officially released. The most important change is the possibility to load different webfont in the plugin's panel or disable the webfont and load fonts locally.

What's new?

"Load Webfont" button

Plugin users can now decide, do they want to use the default Google webfont, change it for another webfont or disable this option and load fonts locally.

The ability to disable 'load web font and use local fonts is essential for many users as there are GDPR requirements associated with using Google Webfonts.

With the new feature, the plugin adapts to the latest regulations and ensures GDPR compliance when it comes to the use of fonts.

The new option in WordPress

The new option is available in the plugin's settings.

  • Load Webfont - Yes/No (if you set this to "Yes" the plugin will use Google web fonts - you can enter the required information in the following fields.)
  • Webfont URL
  • Font family

This new option, works the same way in Joomla 4.

DJ-Accessibility plugin is integrated with the YOOtheme Pro, and the new settings are available in the web builder.

If you use YOOtheme on your site, the plugin settings for webfonts defined in the web builder will override the settings of the plugin itself (the standalone mode.)

What is the DJ-Accessibility plugin?

DJ-Accessibility is a set of tools to help people with disabilities navigate the site. Use its' options to improve the accessibility of your website! You can display accessibility options in a pop-up or a toolbar on your page.

DJ-Accessibility works with Joomla and WordPress! It's also integrated with the YOOTheme Pro Builder.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website:

[UPDATE] DJ-Accessibility with the possibility to use local or web fonts (Google Fonts)

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