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How You Can Find Best SEO Plugins For WordPress?

When it comes to content management systems, WordPress is the most widely-used website CMS in existence today. Since it’s so widely used, that means there are also a lot of people using it as a platform for their website. And with the amount of users also comes an abundance of different websites that use WordPress. If you are planning on creating a new website or blog with WordPress, you will first need to choose which plugins you want to use. There are many different types of plugins you can install on your site, and one of the most important is an SEO plugin. 

An SEO plugin helps increase your search engine ranking and visibility by optimizing your posts and pages to be read by search engines. From there, you can improve your user experience by installing other useful plugins as well. But still if you want help regarding these plugins, you should consult with SEO agency in Manhattan only, if you’re living there. Here are some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO

First up is Yoast SEO. This plugin is designed to be extremely easy-to-use, so it’s great for beginners, but also has advanced features that make it a powerful plugin for more advanced users. It comes with a ton of different options, including a built-in image alt text generator, social media image optimization, and much more. Yoast SEO is one of the most widely-used plugins when it comes to SEO, with over 35 million installs. It has a ton of different features, including the ability to see real-time word count statistics for your posts, automatic Google and Bing Image Search functionality, and more. Yoast SEO is also great because it has built-in analytics that let you track your website’s SEO performance and see how effective your posts are at bringing in traffic through organic search engine results. Yoast SEO is a free plugin, and can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory. However, the free version only allows one site to be installed with the plugin. If you want to use the plugin on multiple sites, you will have to pay for the Yoast SEO Premium version.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are looking for the same functionality as the previous plugin, but don’t want to pay for a premium version, then you might want to look at the WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin, but it still has a lot of useful functionality. The WordPress SEO by Yoast has most of the same features as Yoast SEO, but there are a few differences. The most noticeable difference is that the WordPress SEO by Yoast only displays your SEO stats on your Dashboard, while the Yoast SEO displays them on both your Dashboard and the post editing screen. The WordPress SEO also has a slightly different way of setting up your SEO title and description fields. While it has most of the same features, the WordPress SEO by Yoast is a little less powerful and more beginner-friendly than the Yoast SEO. If you are just starting out and want a powerful SEO plugin, but don’t want to pay for the premium version, then WordPress SEO by Yoast is a great option.

SEMrush SEO for WordPress

SEMrush is much more than a simple SEO plugin. It’s a full-fledged digital marketing suite that specializes in content creation and optimization. Because of this, it’s a great choice for bloggers and businesses that want to really optimize their content for search engines. It can also be used to analyze your competitors’ websites and see what they’re doing to rank higher in search engines. While it might not be as beginner-friendly as some other SEO plugins, SEMrush is a great option for bloggers and website owners that want to get serious about SEO. It has a lot of different features and options, including the ability to create SEO title templates that you can use to format your SEO titles easily.

Google XML Sitemap for WordPress

If you would like to improve your website’s user experience for humans as well as search engines, then you might want to install a sitemap plugin on your site. A sitemap plugin helps search engines find and index your website’s pages more effectively. This can greatly improve your website’s SEO since search engines give higher ranking to websites with a large number of pages. There are many different sitemap plugins for WordPress, but one of the best is Google XML Sitemap for WordPress. This plugin works by creating a sitemap of your website that you can then submit to Google to be included in their search engine results. This plugin is easy to set up, and also allows you to create a single sitemap that you can submit to Google, Bing, and Yahoo at the same time. You can also set up the plugin to automatically create a new sitemap whenever you add new pages or posts to your website.

Wordpress SEO plugin

Last but not least, you can’t talk about SEO plugins without mentioning the original WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin is the oldest one on this list, and has been downloaded millions of times. This plugin can help improve your website’s SEO by making sure your titles, content (including images), and even your page’s URL structure is optimized for search engines. It also provides you with helpful data about your website’s performance, such as current page speed and estimated time on page.


WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems in existence today. With so many different websites using it, it’s important to pay attention to your website’s SEO to make sure it ranks as high as possible in search engines. There are a variety of different plugins you can use to optimize your website for search engines, like the ones listed above. All of them are easy to install, and can make a big difference when it comes to ranking your website in search engines like Google and Bing.

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