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WordPress 4.9 themes updates

WordPress 4.9 themes updates. Download updated versions.

As soon as WordPress 4.9 has been released we've tested all WordPress themes to check their compatibility with the latest WordPress 4.9 version. Taking into account core WordPress 4.9 modifications several ready-made widgets in themes needed fixes. Read more for more details.

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The major changes for WordPress 4.9 themes

There are 2 important adjustments for WordPress 4.9 themes, take a look at them: 

"The theme and the plugin has equal version" 

Among of others, you may download the WordPress theme and WordPress theme plugin (THEME-NAME - - the one that is responsible for taxonomies and shortcodes of the theme. Before each file, version has been modified and the number increases if any changes were done. Now, no matter if a theme or a theme plugin is modified it will have the same version for both to avoid the mess with versioning

"Updated PE Social icons widget to support WordPress 4.9" or "Updated PE Best Features, PE Image Carousel, and PE Social icons widgets to support WordPress 4.9"

The example above appears in all WordPress themes that use the ready-made widget - PE Socials or may appear in themes that include different widgets using the similar functionality with the inner Save button and creating unlimited items. It relates to the WordPress 4.9 core modification:

"Addition of dirty state for widgets on the Administration Screen, indicating when a widget has been successfully saved and showing an “Are you sure?” dialog when attempting to leave without saving changes (#23120, #41610)"

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Before it was required to save the whole widget before working with widgets. Now the Save button is displayed every time you made any changes in the widget and this way you may be sure if you are successful with your action or not. Once the widget is saved the button stays Saved. Take a look at the example below.

saved button wordpress 4.9

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