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Marketing tips for Halloween campaign

Marketing ideas to boost sales on Halloween

The scary Halloween is coming close; same each year, it will appear on October 31st. It's the fourth most popular holiday after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. 

The word Halloween means “hallowed evening,” and the name comes from All Hallows' Eve.   

The whole holiday is based on the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. More than 2000 years ago, people of ancient Celtic religion, mainly from Britain and other parts of Europe, celebrated their new year on November 1st,  considered the end of summer and harvest season (and the beginning of the dark interval.) According to Celtic beliefs, on this night of the New Year, the barrier between the world of spirits was blurred, so it was an opportunity to perform ritual ceremonies to scare them away. 

Nowadays, Halloween is a day of trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes, and eating treats. That is also the time when customers go crazy with shopping.  

Therefore eCommerce entrepreneurs, consider this time as the opportunity for the highest sales peak of the year. According to the official reports, people spend billions of dollars on Halloween products.   

Below, you’ll find some Halloween marketing ideas that for sure will help you boost your store’s sales. Prepare your shop for the Spooky Night! 

Give your website a scary look

According to psychological research on consumer behavior, people tend to buy more than they need if they are in a good mood or like the look and performance of your website. If you are going to use your advantage during Halloween, you need to play on the emotions of your website visitors.

You should consider changing the look and the feel of your online traffic. Decorating your site can be a great way to encourage visitors to celebrate and get in the Halloween mood. 

By adding the correct Halloween-related elements, you'll alert potential customers to special sales. It will give your brand extra attention.

You can welcome visitors with a festive look based on a Halloween theme if you run an online shop. 

However, we don't suggest that you completely change the look of your site, as this is only a temporary opportunity. Instead, try to create a spooky feeling that will excite your customers and motivate them to buy. The most effective solution is to decorate with flexible elements that are catchy enough to give customers the right impression when visiting your shop.    

Let’s take a look at some ideas:

  • Header Bar: the first thing your visitors see and read. You can use it to show Halloween deals or an offer with some specific design.
  • Hero Banner or front-page Slider: This is an essential part of your website to gain the quick attention of visitors. It’s all about the first impression! Include some Halloween-related banners or images and show the Halloween spirit.
  • Welcome Message or pop-up window: Interest your visitors with a full-screen dynamic overlay, including some Halloween images and an attractive message.
  • Pop-up Banners: It’s an effective alternative for Hero Banner as the method of branding. You can add a spooky look.
  • CTA Buttons: Decorate your CTA buttons with spookiness. Boost the mood of your customers with a high conversion rate. Remember that the right CTA button can have an effect, too, especially if you put it in the right place. Instead of plain text, use something unique related to Halloween. 
  • Welcome coupon window: design a spooky welcome window that appears when a customer first enters your store. This way, you can catch their attention.

Launch the discount offers

Remember that real online shoppers are always watching and haunting for the best offers. They do not waste time but always search and compare the best deals on products over various platforms before they decide to make a purchase.

How to make the most of this? Certainly through different offers on different product sections. You can also implement other solutions like a lucky draw or extra-hour sales. Encourage people to shop in-store by offering tempting deals and discounts.

If you have the opportunity, extend your offer with Halloween-themed products. Also, note that people are often looking for Halloween gift ideas for their family and friends. You can also think about offering Halloween-free gifts. It is a trendy method during Halloween celebrations. 

Horror-themed email marketing campaign 

Email marketing is always a great idea. It’s the best marketing method to notify your users about Halloween discounts or Halloween gifts. Following research, email is the second most effective channel to acquire customers in e-Commerce.

Consider using Halloween templates to create a successful, engaging email campaign that your customers would love. Halloween-customized themes for sure will make your clients feel excited, which will reflect in your sales.

Here are a few ways to integrate a Halloween theme into your email campaigns:

  • Include spooky words 
  • Write exciting content (including Halloween humor)
  • Use Halloween template 
  • Apply design & color related to Halloween

An additional effective way is to tailor the content of your emails to the following stages of the promotion.  When the promotion starts, send an attractive introductory email with a code to use and a clear CTA that redirects to your shop so customers can start shopping right away.

During the promotion, send customers daily product recommendation emails highlighting the discount and counting down the time until the promotion ends. Before the promotion ends, send a reminder (try to create a sense of urgency) to draw customers back to give them extra bonuses.

Spooky social media campaign

Your social media marketing strategy should be highly focused on the Halloween theme. Social media platforms are heavily populated and are an easy way to trigger the psyche of consumers. 

There are several proven ways to do this:

  • Decorate your social media profiles with a focus on the Halloween message.  
  • Create and add spooky visual content such as images, GIFs, and videos to capture the attention of your social media audience.  
  • Consider creating Halloween giveaways or surveys.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment, as there are different ways to implement your marketing ideas. 
  • Try to compose creative, thematically concise, and engaging content so that your campaign attracts people interested in Halloween.
  • Go horrific with your creatives. 

Whenever you plan to create content for your marketing strategies, remember that such occasions bring reasons to celebrate and rejoice. 

What draws your audience to your business and makes them interested in your products during Halloween is fun, relevant, informative, and engaging content. Always creative content gets people applauding,

Properly formulating content with a simple answer solution can bring a significant result this coming Halloween. Don't be afraid to go wild, be weird and ghoulishly bizarre.  

Prepare your blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, or Instagram stories with engaging content and exciting photos.

Use popular hashtags ( for example, #trickortreat #Halloweendeals #Halloweensales) to increase the visibility of your posts. 

Here are some ideas on what to focus your promoted content on:

Content that Audience Love

The contents should be focused on audience interest and beloved products or services you are offering.

Content that makes audiences feel special

Everyone likes to feel special. You can take advantage of this by creating a limited edition series of products for selected participants to mark their presence during Halloween. Remember that people love to share their experiences, looks, and creations/costumes created. It is still one of the best marketing ideas for Halloween.

Keywords related to Halloween

Publish content on your site by betting on High Volume Keyword Targeting. Using different tools, you can find the best keywords related to Halloween but also your business.

That will bring more visitors to your site, a modern one, and you have the chance to convert them into purchases. 


Halloween is just around the corner. Now you have your chance to bring some significant growth to your online sales. We hope that those spookily Halloween marketing ideas will help you bring more customers to your store and get that extra boost in engagement and sales that you’re looking for!

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